Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Figures on the seashore (kiss)”

Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Figures on the seashore (kiss)”

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This is one of the most famous works of the Spanish artist, sculptor and designer Pablo Picasso. The painting was painted in 1931 in the genre of surrealism. Although Picasso was little interested in the ideas of the surrealists, at a certain period of his late work, he found inspiration in the so-called principles of mental automatism and special, convulsive beauty. To a large extent, the perception of Picasso at that time was influenced by surreal poetry.

One way or another, but for several years the artist wrote works in which he rather radically depicted human nature. The atmosphere of the paintings creates a world of hallucinations, convulsive movements and incessant hysteria. Under the artist’s brush, images of monsters appear, breaking up into pieces, screaming, turning into something unknown.

The painting “Figures on the Seashore” embodies one of these metamorphoses combined with aggressive eroticism. The technique of writing a work looks free and complex at the same time. Running intertwined lines creates complex geometric shapes. To emphasize this, Picasso resorts to vibrant color accents.

During the period of surrealism, women in Picasso's paintings are depicted in a frightening way and resemble the complex details of an unknown machine. Human limbs lose their usual form for the viewer, becoming like sharp, smooth, perfectly carved details. Instead of the usual facial expressions - grin and sharp teeth. In this interpretation, the female appearance takes on threatening, predatory features. The female body, as it were, breaks up into its component parts, from which the monster is formed by the will of the artist.

The painting “Figures on the seashore (kiss)” is in the artist’s personal museum in Paris. Further surrealistic experiments with human nature inspired Picasso to create sculptural works.

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