Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Storm on the Black Sea”

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Storm on the Black Sea”

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"Storm on the Black Sea" - a masterpiece of Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky is considered a real confirmation of his talent. In the work, the master depicts a riotous element that mercilessly takes lives. The Creator showed a small ship that is drowning in the abyss of the wave.

The work was done in black: blue, grayish, greenish. The painter did not choose such a palette in vain. The color palette conveys the hopeless state of the ship's crew. The richness of grayish and blue tones demonstrate that the hurricane is not yet over quickly. Due to the severity of the grayish clouds, the ship is depicted absolutely not large and unprotected, it can no longer overcome the mighty element. On the right side of the picture are painted plastic mountains, on the site of which the ship wrecked. Near the huge stones are people who cannot swim out. Their further fate is not known, since the hurricane can last a long time.

In the distance, the outlines of a huge metropolis are visible. This is a huge city, like a life buoy in this abyss of misfortune. The hurricane does not subside, and there is only unlimited sea and heavenly space around. Creation is striking in its own images. Grayish skies become the continuation of the bottomless sea bay. The creation of the artist, causes unchanging emotions in all the people who saw her.

A moment of excitement and trepidation at the sight of a picture will remain in people's memory for many centuries. The painter, a master of his work, shows art lovers that natural forces are very strong. Today, the stormy elements can not resist technological progress, the dams that were built using excellent technical tools.

In an environment where a person meets a hurricane, the hope for him is to wait for revenue and time. The colors of realism are clearly captured on this masterpiece, and these traces cannot be changed over time.

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