Description of the painting by Igor Grabar "Rowan"

Description of the painting by Igor Grabar

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The canvas "Rowan" Igor Emanuilovich Grabar belong to a fairly late period of the artist. The painting is dated 1924. It was during this period, after an almost fourteen-year break (when the artist was engaged in scientific activities and practically did not write), Grabar again took up the brush.

The construction of the picture is quite simple. Several mountain ash, filling almost the entire canvas, are painted against the sky with elements of a rural landscape. Very simple plot. However, something in this picture is alarming. Feeling, it is rather intuitive at first, when you carefully examine the picture, it sometimes even turns into a feeling of slight anxiety.

The upper part of the picture is made in dark colors: a dark blue sky, dark green foliage of mountain ash (although autumn is clearly depicted in the picture!) And bright red grapes of berries only outlined by the artist ... The long plan is made in lighter colors, which only enhances the feeling of misfortune hanging over thin trees. And this is quite unusual, because in general the canvas is painted in bright colors.

It is also surprising that the light in the picture of Grabar falls on objects somewhat unrealistic. The village illuminated by the sun and the mountain ash trunks, the shadow falling from the tree trunks - all this suggests that the source of heat and light is from the viewer. And at the same time, the darkness is approaching from there, which is observed in the upper part of the picture. What did the artist want to show? That a terrible cloud is hanging over the country, but it will pass and the sun will again peer out? It is unlikely that this will ever be known.

However, most likely, Grabar, who at that moment was gradually moving away from the manner of writing of the French Impressionists, once again experimented with painting light and shadow, moving away from a clear decomposition of colors and finally finding his own style, generalizing the beauty of Russian nature.

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