Description of the painting by Ilya Ostroukhov “Autumn Landscape”

Description of the painting by Ilya Ostroukhov “Autumn Landscape”

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The nature of central Russia is a favorite topic in the works of Ilya Semenovich Ostroukhov. He painted landscapes with patience and enthusiasm. On his canvases you can see all the seasons. But the artist gave particular preference to autumn.

"Autumn Landscape" is not the most famous work of Ostroukhov. There are many others, as it is now fashionable to say “untwisted” canvases. Only people very far from fine art did not see Ostroukhovsky's “Golden Autumn” or “In Abramtsevo Park”. Why “Autumn Landscape” did not deserve such popularity, frankly, it is surprising. Perhaps because among the Russian people the beauty of autumn is associated with Pushkin's lines: “Forests dressed in crimson and gold ...”.

In fact, the viewer does not see a riot of autumn colors in this painting. The picture is dominated by green. However, this canvas is unusual in itself. The viewer, as if walking along a path to an abandoned pond. The dark tree on the right, stretching its branch parallel to the upper part of the picture, bright, shrubs on the left that have retained their outfit, the foliage of which crumbles into the lower part - all this creates a kind of "frame" in which the water surface is enclosed. This is a kind of picture in the picture.

In an unusual way, the artist managed to convey the passage of time, the transition of the seasons from one to another, the inexorable onset of winter. In the foreground, green colors prevail, a little further - yellow, turning in the background to cold - blue and blue. The fallen foliage, covering the path in the foreground and falling asleep part of the pond, was done by the artist in whitish tones, clearly hinting to the viewer that winter would come very soon and everything around would be covered with white snow ...

At the same time, the picture does not look dull and does not evoke sad thoughts. It only opens the window to winter, inviting the viewer to enjoy the last warm days of the Central Russian “Indian summer” and enjoy the upcoming winter, which will also bring positive emotions.

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