Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “The Bedroom at Arles”

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “The Bedroom at Arles”

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During his stay in Arles, Van Gogh painted his bedroom. For several days he was sick and was bedridden, which explained his desire to paint this particular room. In fact, there are three versions of the picture.

The artist wrote the first version of the painting in 1888 and sent the sketch to his brother. Van Gogh wanted the painting to have a calming effect. Especially for this I painted the walls with pale purple. A wooden bed and a yellow chair, which was Van Gogh's favorite color, and a scarlet bedspread. When the image of the window is green, the shutters themselves are closed. With these different colors, he wanted to express absolute peace. This painting is currently in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

However, the canvas that Brother Theo had was damaged during the flood. That is why Van Gogh painted a second copy of the picture. Although all items have retained their location, some colors have been slightly changed. Since 1926, the painting has been owned by the Art Institute in Chicago.

In 1889 he painted small copies of his most successful works. He gave the third copy of the Bedroom at Arles to his sister. And since 1959, the painting is in the Orsay Museum in Paris.

The work used bright and bold colors. An unusual aspect of the picture is the curved image of the bedroom, which makes it unique and easily recognizable. Through the colors and methods of applying paint, Van Gogh expressed his character and emotions.

Perhaps the image of the bedroom conveys a sense of well-being and housekeeping in your own home. A durable and simple-looking bed represents tranquility and security. And clear contours cause a feeling of stability and stability.

Although the work was not recognized during the life of the artist, it had a great influence on the next generation of artists.

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