Description of Tatyana Yablonskaya's painting "Spring"

Description of Tatyana Yablonskaya's painting

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This picture was never liked by the artist. She accused herself of “passive” naturalism and photographic, assessing the overall quality of the picture as very average. However, such self-abasement of the artist is not due to the mediocrity of the picture (which was not at all), but to the feeling in which Yablonskaya did not even want to admit herself - oppression and the need to write on the topic and on order. And if the writing of “Bread” could be justified by the creative impulse that inspired the artist, then the forced compromises in the person of “Spring”, marked by the second Stalin Prize, received the stigma of failure.

And in vain! After all, this canvas absorbs all the signs of Yablonskaya's style, and social order has absolutely nothing to do with it. The artist as the object of the image chose mothers walking with their children in the park. This sets the theme of childhood, very productive for the future work of Yablonskaya ("Morning", "Colds"). Naturalism, in which the artist so selflessly accused herself, is the same impressionism.

“An impression is more valuable than knowledge,” said Yablonskaya. These words could well become a worthy motto of any impressionist. Yablonskaya very skillfully conveys the facial expressions of women sitting on benches - gentle, tender and at the same time strict, focused. There is no need to talk about children: for each little character of her painting, the artist found an emotion. Someone is fascinated looking into the distance, someone with deep interest examines a certain object in their hands. We add that the canvas is all filled with the movement of enthusiastically playing children and women peacefully talking about household chores. All this creates a feeling of light, which carries every work of the artist.

In the future, Yablonskaya will make a couple more sketches on everyday topics that will open to the general public fifteen years after they are written. Appeal to this topic after the "Spring", its development indicates the nonrandomness of the presence of this picture in the creative evolution of the artist.

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