Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Crying Woman”

Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Crying Woman”

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The amazingly beautiful manner of writing canvases always delighted the public. And Picasso lived a life long enough to surprise and amaze with his work more than one generation of Europeans. Of course, he is not as extravagant as Dali, but he was also with his quirks, and his portraits can not be called an exact copy of the woman depicted.

But what’s interesting is how he was able to apply such active colors, so bright and catchy, as he could empathize with this woman. Somehow you immediately penetrate into her grief, you begin to think what happened to her, what happened to her such that brought her to tears of despair. It’s despair, because in that black and gray half of the canvas, the scarf is compressed with lips and it feels like tears are bitter. And such tears are only from grief or from despair. But what happened? Unhappy love? Losing a loved one? Losing some kind of thing? Who knows? Maybe something from this list, or maybe all at once together.

Until now, no one has been able to decipher the mysterious world of a woman, and especially her logic. But looking at this canvas, you understand that something terrible and unreasonable has happened. And again, all this is in bloom, all this is vital. It’s just that maybe we don’t always pay attention to how people cry. Picasso turned his attention to this, and as a result, this canvas and another series with the same name. Incidentally, this painting is called "Crying Woman, No. 12". There are many options and each seems to have the same pose. It seems the same thing, but still there is something inherent in just this particular woman depicted in this case. But invariably, just like on this canvas, this black-gray grimace of grief is separately depicted, which greatly distorts the unassuming face.

To at least somehow adhere to the fame of Picasso, many women said that it was they who posed for Pablo for these canvases. This is difficult to verify, the faces of women on the canvases are greatly distorted, but I would not want to believe it, because almost all the women who stated this were of a very retirement age.

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