Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "The Riddle of Hitler"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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Salvador Dali paints a picture of Hitler’s mystery in 1937. It is generally accepted that on the canvas the artist shows his concern about the imminent start of World War II. Dali was very interested in the fate and personality of Hitler, could not determine until the end of his relationship to him. At different periods of his life, the artist spoke differently about him. He either admitted that he was attracted to Hitler’s soft back, or he spoke of him as a masochist who knew from the very beginning that the war would be lost. It was in the year of the creation of the film "Hitler's Mystery" that Dali more sympathized with him than vice versa. At the time of writing, Dali often depicts a telephone in his creations. In this picture, a black broken handset hanging on a dry broken tree and a folded hanging umbrella immediately catches your eye. Large tears drip down the tube. It is believed that this is a symbol of not too successful meeting and negotiations between Hitler and Chamberlain.

There is an empty plate right under the handset with a few beans on it. And this symbolizes poverty, hunger and the horrors of war. Around these objects is a poor, dull landscape: an empty beach and high mountains. On the side are drawn people as a symbol of the outgoing world.

Also in the picture there are frightening bats, obviously not portending anything good. All these objects depicted in the picture are symbols of the fact that the world cannot be saved, and war is inevitable, and all attempts and negotiations are useless before the impending catastrophe. Salvador Dali himself later admits that he did not expect this picture to become prophetic. But at the same time he denied that he deliberately introduced a political subtext into his creation. Dali only wanted to unravel the mystery of Hitler’s personality, and at the time of writing the picture he didn’t succeed.

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