Description of the painting Efim Volkov “Sunset on the river”

Description of the painting Efim Volkov “Sunset on the river”

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The painting captures a summer evening. The sun almost disappeared over the horizon, painting the last rays of the tree in red and yellow. Before us is a calm river with low banks on which trees grow. But there are neither thickets of reeds, nor weeping willows. In the center of the picture, the river expands, forming a small backwater. And then, around the coast, it narrows and disappears from the view behind the trees.

The surface of the water is calm, there is no flow in this place. In the mirror surface reflect the coast. The sky is clear, calm. Only a few light clouds are visible. The sun's rays illuminated them with a golden light. Birds fly far away.

In the picture, the approach of night is felt. With the advent of twilight it is already difficult to make out the details of the landscape. Everything merges in gray-green colors. It’s hard to see the details in the foreground. It can be seen that large stones lie on the shore and in the water. Now they look like black spots. Only the tops of the trees are illuminated by the last rays.

With his usual manner, Volkov chose not a pompous landscape for the picture, but a modest look. There is nothing noticeable in the picture. But at the same time, recognizes the native landscape. It may not cause delight, but it somehow warms the soul in a special way. The most understandable of this sensation will be to those who left their native land and now returned again. At this moment, the air seems delightful, and nothing irritates the eye, on the contrary, I want to look and look at the native nature. Even from the heart it makes it easy and calm.

Most of all Volkov was inspired by the nature of central Russia. He was a true landscape wanderer. And in this picture also reflected his talent, capable of conveying a calm, poetic state of nature. To love the native land as it is, to see beauty in its dullness and modesty, that is what the artist calls for.

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