Description of the painting by Jacques-Louis David "Madame Recamier"

Description of the painting by Jacques-Louis David

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Madame Julie Recamier, mistress of the Paris fashionable salon and famous beauty, commissioned her portrait to the famous artist Jean-Louis David. The artist in the process of writing the portrait, could not get used to the poor lighting in the room, which is why his work did not go well.

Madame Julie even wanted her portrait to be finished by another famous artist Francois Gerard. However, David asked Madame Recamier to leave the portrait unfinished, which he later regretted for a long time. But in vain, because thanks to the minimalism of details, the portrait turned out to be unique in its kind.

The canvas with the image of a woman attracts with its simplicity and lightness. On the canvas is a girl, dressed in a modest white dress, reaching her ankles. Her hair is adorned with a ribbon. The artist depicts her in the image of a playful lady, but at the same time a connoisseur shows the virginity of her beauty. The sinuous contours of the artist qualitatively depict a female figure. Perhaps if David had not stopped working, then fashion accessories of that time would have been added to the portrait and the picture would become too brilliant. Watching the picture, you can notice the languid look of Julie, as if she is trying to say something, but restrains herself. David was well aware that the complexity of the work was not in the environment that surrounded him, but in the mood of the model itself. Youth and sharpness are its main qualities, it was very difficult to cope with them.

Famous collectors are still discussing exactly the stage of writing the masterpiece "Portrait of Madame Recamier." The picture is filled with vitality and troubled inner state of the artist, which attracts all art lovers.

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