Description of the painting by Ilya Mashkov “Bread”

Description of the painting by Ilya Mashkov “Bread”

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Mashkov is a great representative of the Russian avant-garde. He also worked in the genres of realism, cubism, post-impressionism. His works are considered one of the most prominent representatives of the avant-garde art genre at present. Mashkov also became known as the founder of Jack of Diamonds.

Ilya Mashkov created the work “Breads” in 1912. At that time, a wide variety of products began to appear on store shelves, an artist inspired by this depicts with enthusiasm his still lifes with bread. "Breads" is an ordinary Moscow bakery in the Smolensk market, accessible to any layman.

The artist turns Mashkov into a festive event. Lush breads, rolls and loaves as if only from the oven. Color shades of brown, yellow, red convey the heat of freshly prepared fresh bread. It seems as if the smell of hot baking comes from the picture.

A heap of great abundance of bread captures the author. He brings to the canvas everyday food from our lives, as if inviting to enjoy the wealth and abundance of all kinds of pastries.

In this still life, Mashkov defies late impressionism, removing refinement and elegance from his work. The construction of the composition of the still life is quite conscious, it manifests the clarity of forms and materiality of objects.

The artist’s works are distinguished by high energy, dynamic composition. Mashkov writes an artistic canvas with relief strokes, recreating the real world of material things. After this work was followed by a series of still lifes with the image of bakery products - “Moscow Snow. Breads and Soviet Breads.

The artworks are in famous museums such as the Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum.

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