Description of the painting by Vasily Surikov “Visiting the Princess Convent”

Description of the painting by Vasily Surikov “Visiting the Princess Convent”

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"Visit to the Princess Convent" is the last of the most outstanding paintings of the greatest Russian artist Surikov.

The canvas does not carry the semantic load of some significant event, which was in reality at a certain period of time. It reflects, first of all, the life and way of Russia before the accession to the throne of Peter I.

The picture tells the viewer about the joyless event. The fact is that in those days religious principles did not allow the princesses to marry. The share of girls from the royal family was unenviable - the only way for them was to go to the monastery.

The princess visits the place in which she will have to live her whole life. There will no longer be any simple joys for her - over time, her thirst for joy will fade away forever.

The artist painstakingly painted the image of the princess. She is wearing white luxurious robes that contrast with the nuns' gloomy outfits. The princess's skin is snow-white. You can see how she is still young. Her face is that of a child, rather than a young woman. A raid of naivety is clearly read on the face.

Accompanying the princess with her retinue status. Right behind the girl is the noblewoman, who follows the necessary attributes of this procedure. The views of the nuns, still very young women, but nevertheless, having already forgotten the joys of life, look with some envy at the young princess. Each of them holds a church candle.

What life await a young girl? Nothing joyful awaits her. It is no accident that, in contrast to her youth and beauty, the dry and joyless faces of young nuns are depicted. After a short period of time, the princess will become the same as them. Alas, there is no escape from such a fate. The young princess understands all this, and has already come to terms with such a need, but somewhere deep down she still hopes for a miracle that she will be able to avoid life in the monastery and she will remain in her usual way of life.

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