Description of the painting Yefim Volkov "Farm"

Description of the painting Yefim Volkov

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In the picture, among the fields under the shadow of tall trees there is a farm. At first, the viewer is attracted by the red house, and then he switches to the surrounding nature. The farm is the compositional center of the canvas. It is small, consists of only a few buildings.

In the distance, throughout the whole picture, differentiating heaven and earth, a forest is painted. The tops of trees are marked with a slight haze, creating a feeling of its infinity. In the foreground of the picture, covering part of the farm, bushes and young spruce trees are depicted. The sky is covered with light clouds. On the right, a gray thread leads the road to the farm. Fields are shown in large strokes, without detailed rendering. The artist as if in a hurry, did not attach importance to them. Here are bushes, buildings are drawn more carefully.

The brightest spot in the picture is a red house with a green roof. This is the main building in the farm. Most likely a prosperous family lives here, because they had enough money to paint the house and the roof. Behind the house are tall spruce trees. The farm itself is fenced.

The picture is permeated with light sunlight. Most of the sky is covered with clouds. It seems that the artist paid special attention to him. The sky turned out with character: masterful, rebellious, boundless.

The artist masterfully paints the summer with its wide variety of green shades. It takes skill so that the landscape does not become one green mass, but at the same time does not look artificially. Volkov again snatched a piece of nature. The artist did not choose a more picturesque view. He painted as it is. Take this place like that. Therefore, like many other canvases, the landscape is realistic. Nature is calm. There is no thunderstorm, no strong wind. Thus, the artist offers to enjoy the spirituality of his native nature, to understand poetry in its simplicity.

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