Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “October. Domotkanovo »

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “October. Domotkanovo »

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Serov Valentin Alexandrovich was an outstanding Russian artist. He was engaged in writing pictorial and graphic portraits, landscapes, paintings on historical themes, illustrations, drawings for Krylovsky fables.

This artist, whose skill delights, has all the special landscapes.

Using the style of impressionism in his work, the artist very accurately conveys the impression that a bright October day had on him in the painting “October. Domotkanovo. " "October. Domotkanovo ”is one of the most famous landscapes of Serov. Although this picture is small in size, it accurately conveys a small sadness experienced by a person on a cloudy day in October.

It depicts a normal gray day, which usually happens in late autumn.

The performance of the painting is striking in its skill; it is painted as if in a single breath, quickly and easily.

Horses of peasants walk on a burned out autumn field, along the grass, which faded and withered. A little shepherd in his dad’s cap with bare feet is doing the repair of his whip, worn out in the summer. Horses walk near him, and other animals scattered in a wide field.

The black sheep, which one of the horses frightened, strayed anxiously in the far corner of the field. In the distance there are trees from which bright foliage has not yet fallen, sheds in a dilapidated state, arable land, and fences not standing firmly. This all creates the atmosphere when in the cold October, the riotous and colorful period of autumn fades. A heavy, hopeless sky in gray-blue tones looms low over the field. The landscape is completed by croaking crows that fly over the trees.

The artist perfectly selected the colors in the picture: yellow through orange with red goes to brown, black tones. And it is already felt that winter will come soon.

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