Description of the painting Konstantin Vasiliev "The Elder"

Description of the painting Konstantin Vasiliev

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Konstantin Alekseevich Vasiliev lived in the 20th century, was a Russian artist, he is known for his work on mythological and epic themes.

In his work, there are more than 400 graphic and pictorial works. They often use colors and shades such as red and gray.

The creator was fond of art from folk art: songs, epics, fairy tales.

He created paintings on epic themes related to the Scandinavians and Slavs about the Great Patriotic War. He also created sketches for the paintings of the church in Omsk. The works that he created in the 60s of the 20th century were influenced by surrealism and abstract expressionism. In the early 70s of the 20th century, he abandons the search for formalism, and begins to work in a real manner.

He worked in high school as a drawing teacher.

In 1968, he painted in oil on canvas the painting "The Elder", which is now stored in the Museum of Konstantin Vasilyev in Moscow.

An old man is painted on a black background, in his eyes you can see the knowledge, life wisdom that he received for his own difficult and long life.

The old man does not need much; in his life he has already seen everything. His gaze is focused and a little tense, his eyebrows are shifted. Perhaps in his thoughts he is busy rethinking his being, searching for a future path in which there will be no problems. The head is already a gray, long beard. With his bluish eyes he seems to penetrate the soul. His gaze is crystal clear, which indicates a correctly traveled, albeit not a simple, life path.

This image represents rethinking, determination, and wisdom. Only an experienced, wise and old person will get to where all the elements that can revive or destroy are brought together.

Everyone can perceive this picture differently, by virtue of their knowledge and faith.

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