Description of the painting by Ilya Repin “Seeing off the rookie”

Description of the painting by Ilya Repin “Seeing off the rookie”

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The famous work of art belonging to the brush of Ilya Repin "Seeing off the rookie" was released in 1879. The picture is made on canvas with oil paints. It has dimensions of 143x225 cm. Now the picture is exhibited in the Russian Museum, which is located in the city of St. Petersburg.

The ideas concerning the painting were born by the artist during the time when he and his family visited the Abramtsevo estate. It belonged to his friend, philanthropist Savva Mamontov. With whom the master met abroad at a dinner with Tretyakov. As a guest, Repin walked around the estate for a long time and had the opportunity to observe peasant life. Once the artist happened to witness the scene of the wires of a young recruit.

The picture more than realistically reflected the difficult life of the peasants. Cases like wires are always emotional and sensitive. The canvas depicts people who came to say goodbye to the draftee. Literally everything around is riddled with sadness. Even small children look sadly.

The animals depicted, as if everyone understands and acutely senses what is happening. The sad looks of others convey the essence of the plot. The central place in the picture is given to the crying mother on her son’s shoulder. She is deeply worried about breaking up with the youth. All present understand that this may be the last meeting. Next silently are the old men who have already seen a lot, it seems that only they know the future of the guy.

If you carefully examine each depicted figure on the canvas separately, you can clearly feel his feelings and experiences. Although all of them are enveloped in the tragedy of what is happening, everyone here is busy with his own business. From this, the picture becomes even more interesting and emotional. In addition, Repin miraculously depicted the life of peasants. Here is a wooden house, and a canopy, and costumes in public. All this perfectly conveys the spirit of the time.

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