Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “The Baptism of Prince Vladimir”

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “The Baptism of Prince Vladimir”

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Vasnetsov Viktor Mikhailovich, was born in the family of an ordinary clergyman, in 1848. He studied at the local theological seminary, then at the famous St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. After graduating from it, he went abroad and from 1869 began to exhibit at academic, and later at traveling exhibitions.

Becoming the first painter, and turning to epic fairy tales, V. Vasnetsov managed to revive them with the power of Art. Also, the Artist’s creativity was developed in the genre paintings of the first period of creativity, his portraits and, of course, in religious painting, which marked the beginning of a new era in this area. With magnificent Works, the Master laid the foundation for the unique “Vasnetsovsky” style, which many have tried and are now trying to imitate.

A special place in the series of Creations of the Master is occupied by the “Baptism of Prince Vladimir” (1885-1986).

Vladimir, becoming Prince of Kiev in 978, decided to convert his people to Christianity. Subsequently, the prince himself was baptized in Khersones, and upon his return he continued to baptize the people of Kiev, carrying out this with a firm steadfastness, and saying that if one of the people does not come to the river, regardless of the situation in society, he will forever be his enemy. And everyone came.

Creating this masterpiece, the artist for many years studied the ancient manuscripts, with the aim of maximum transfer of the character and personality of the prince. This approach allowed V. Vasnetsov to achieve a clear historicism, and this is precisely the fundamental difference between the work and classical icon painting. Clearly drawn eyes are focused, and express awareness of making such a fateful decision for the whole country, and a pointed beard and loose hair fully reflect how he looked in life.

At the Cloth dedicated to the momentous event, the Genius portrayed many people: priests, princely nobles, warriors, and others.

V.Vasnetsov was able to fully draw each person depicted in the picture, which allows us to see the relation of a particular estate to this event. Priests measuredly perform the Baptismal ceremony, the prince’s army monitors what is happening with curiosity, and the nobility expresses humility to an accomplished historical event.

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