Description of the painting by Pierre Renoir "Ball in the Moulins de la Galette"

Description of the painting by Pierre Renoir

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This is one of the most popular places in Paris at the end of the 19th century. Young and nonchalant people flocked here and gave in to fun: dancing, drinks, dating. Balls were arranged not so often, but still regularly, and therefore this entertainment became popular among a simple class of Parisians. It was precisely one of these balls that Renoir captured and did so well that the painting was a success at the exhibition of the artist's works.

The innovation in this canvas consists in the fact that it is made in a very unusual style. Just do not think that the artist didn’t finish something on everyone, any kind of spots. This is the sunlight that penetrated the dance floor through the trees. This is exactly what irritated some at first, and then the passions subsided and everyone understood how it animates the picture.

It seems that everything is moving: couples are dancing, sitting at the table talking, smoking. But the most interesting thing in the picture is that some of its participants most likely specially posed for the artist, especially one of the dancing couples. Then the camera only - only came into fashion and therefore was still not so popular, but the artists were snapped up.

And most likely Renoir wrote this painting, being at this ball. But we must take into account that at that time the artist was no longer young, and therefore maybe everyone paid attention to him.

And by the way, he practically never drew sketches, that is, he worked immediately, without searching and reflection. This is of course risky, because you will not immediately understand what exactly needs to be written and what will come of it. But almost always it turned out great.

At least, this canvas is among the ten best works of Renoir and at the auction is quite expensive.

And one more thing: thanks to Renoir we can know how the youth had fun at that time. Balls are the most wonderful pastime. Almost fabulous.

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