Description of the painting by Niko Pirosmani “Margarita”

Description of the painting by Niko Pirosmani “Margarita”

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Nico Pirosmani died in poverty, but left behind a lot of paintings, which today are in museums. His most valuable work is the painting Margarita, which he painted in 1909 and presented to his beloved. In the picture, the author showed a special world of harmony and understanding, which he so lacked in life.

The picture is made in cold colors. Looking at the image, an involuntary impression of lightness, weightlessness. The canvas is made in the characteristic manner of the author, which later became known as primitivism.

A strong feeling prompted Pirosmani to write a picture for his beloved. For the first time, Pirosmani met with a woman who conquered his hearts and at the same time made him suffer. The artist could not conquer Margarita. According to the author, hardly anyone, in general, could reach the cold heart of the actress. She came to Tiflis with a wandering theater. There Margarita shone on the stage until she had to leave. There was something repulsive, formidable, incomprehensible to the human eye in her beauty, it could only be felt.

Margarita was the embodiment of a mature oriental beauty. She dressed well and watched her appearance. This is how Pirosmani captured it. Margarita emits some unusual radiance on the canvas, as if her beauty was needed by all mankind, and not just him. The figure of the girl contrasts sharply with the blue sky. Bright saturated color enlivens the picture as a whole.

The canvas "Margarita" became an example of a special look of the artist on the surrounding reality.

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