Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Misty morning”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Misty morning”

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Shishkin has two canvases with the same name, "Misty Morning." But both canvases are so beautiful that I want to talk about them.

On the first canvas we see a full-flowing river, on the banks of which a forest grows. Somewhere in the distance the forest is shrouded in fog, but here the fog is barely guessed nearby. Either he has already been here, or else these shores have yet to plunge into this white veil.

But since this morning, it is most likely that the fog has already left this shore and is simply going into the distance. After all, the sun will soon rise, and the fog is very unpleasant for such a neighborhood. On the canvas, wildlife and the feeling that everything is wavering and moving does not pass. In the sky, morning clouds will soon dissipate, and a new day will begin, but for now the trembling silence of the morning.

It’s also morning on the second canvas, but only here there is a smaller river, and there are not so many forests. But the fog is more noticeable and it is almost close to us, the audience. And the same thing was just there, and now it is visible only from afar, gently enveloping the expanses of the forest. The sun has not yet risen, and therefore the fog still has the opportunity to pamper on the banks of the rivulet. It’s very fog to get wet.

On both canvases one feels a special attitude to the Motherland, a special love for these vast expanses. No wonder they say that Shishkin was and is a true patriot of his Russia. He, like no one else, managed to betray all the charm, all the beauty, all the elegance of Russian nature. So that he does not depict on his canvases it always turned out wonderfully simple and plot interesting.

Foreigners have long been saying that they have always judged the beauty of Russia by Shishkin’s landscapes. Although there were always enough painters in Russia, this author clearly stood out among them with the ability to reliably convey the natural beauty of the region, the ability not to embellish, but to truly portray. Not every artist can avoid the temptation of popular print, Shishkin, fortunately, avoided this.

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