Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov “At the Mill”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov “At the Mill”

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From the very first works of Nikolai Krymov, it was already seen that this city dweller, in a special way, is able to present the true beauty of not only modern houses, but also a high level of skill in transferring to the canvas and village motifs.

A vivid view of the latter, it is worth noting the work, entitled "At the mill." At first glance it may seem that the picture is “raw”, and the work itself is unfinished, but the longer and more closely you look at it, the whole canvas seems to come to life and it seems not just a work that has been done with paints, but an exact copy of a fragment of a dream or some effect moving picture.

The realism conveyed in the picture is amazing, it seems how many shades of green there are in nature, even a little in comparison with the amount that can be observed in this work of the master. Thanks to such combinations of green colors and transitions that are correct from the point of view of technology, the impression is made that every single leaf on a tree moves from a light blow of the wind.

Surprisingly, the reflection of trees in a running river is mirrored and reliably traced. From the name it becomes clear that this picture was painted exactly at the bottom of the mill, where the river flows down. Near the right bank you can see a man who is hunched over and sits on a log. He is not the main one in this picture, but thanks to him, the picture does not seem so alone.

It is impossible to make out the character for what purpose he is sitting there and his moods, we can only assume that this is a man from the mill, went downstairs to relax a bit. The painting was done in warm colors, despite the cold colors of the river and sky. Also on the right bank you can see small houses with chimneys and fences, they stand modestly and as if shrouded in dense foliage of trees.

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