Description of the painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi “Autumn Thaw”

Description of the painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi “Autumn Thaw”

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The painting was painted in 1872.

We see the steppe, which has completely become limp from autumn rains. The sky is completely gray and dull. The bandage is trying to drive along the road, but it constantly gets stuck in the mud. On the left are a child and a woman. It is not known where the artist painted this magnificent landscape.

This work of the artist is as realistic as possible. There is no other work of this time, so fully conveying the hopelessness of Russian life. The landscape is a touch of genre. It is he who introduces a certain sentimental shade, which is not so characteristic of Russian landscapes.

The road motive was characteristic of many paintings of that era. It is as endless as the patience of people. As for the color scheme, it is absolutely unprecedented for a landscape of a realistic nature. His persuasiveness is as sensual as possible. We feel a special chilliness of the air, which is as if filled with moisture. It seems that one can hear the characteristic munching of dirt along which the child and the woman walk.

Autumn landscape as if permeated with gray mist. He talks about poor people, in whose life everything is also dull and absolutely joyless.

Kuindzhi used all kinds of shades of gray and brown in his picture. There is not a single bright spot, and this is no coincidence. The whole image merges into a single grayness, which creates the same joyless mood in the audience. The whole existence of poor people is hopeless. Viewers feel this in full, just by looking at this picture. Every detail of autumn nature is as tangible and incredibly significant as possible. Everything here is significant and not accidental.

We see a small clearance only on the horizon. It illuminates the picture from the inside. Most likely, this autumn sun is trying, but unsuccessfully to break through the clouds. Our mood from this light does not improve. It does not help brighten up this dull landscape, which remains just as sad.

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