Description of the painting by Mikhail Nesterov "Great tonsure"

Description of the painting by Mikhail Nesterov

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Quite often, the painter Nesterov turned to religious topics. And here he did not change himself, but simply hid his feelings under this canvas.

What kind of feelings are you asking? Everything is explainable: just once an artist fell in love, at first sight, like a lightning bolt, like a hurricane of passions. And it was mutual. And when it all went to the wedding, he was suddenly denied.

Moreover, it was refused not in a personal meeting, but in a banal letter. It was a hit and, under the impression of this, Nesterov created this canvas. Although what does the rejected love and the image of nuns have to do with it ... But he hid his feelings just like that. He hid his love under the care of the monastery.

On the canvas is a procession of nuns to commit tonsure. Those on whom a white scarf is dressed are not yet nuns, but they are already at the very goal. One of the white-handkerchiefs goes ahead confidently and is already immersed in prayer, in its sacrifice. Another girl follows her, but it seems that she is still all in the world, all in passions and in her eyes there is still no humility to fate.

And next to her was a woman who had long surrendered to fate and took tonsure, and next to her side by side - a girl who still doesn’t understand the world, and here not everything is accepted and meaningful by her. And they are followed by nuns of different ages who lead a beautiful, stately woman under her arms - they are the abbess.

The plot is masterfully laid out, a certain conflict of man with nature is masterfully presented. Look, how great spring nature contrasts with the mood of people. But at the same time it’s still a requiem, an artistic requiem for the artist’s failed love.

Nesterov considered it necessary to pour out his suffering in this way, and for this we are grateful to him. Because they got a true masterpiece of the Russian school of painting, which has no equal in the world. And by the power of perception, it is completely priceless, because only a Russian person can understand a Russian person: his despair, his grief, his love.

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