Description of the painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir "On the Terrace" (Two Sisters)

Description of the painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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The painting was painted in 1881

This creation of the master is one of the most striking of Renoir, if we consider it in terms of the saturation of the colors used. Initially, the work was called “Sisters”, but in real life the heroines depicted are not in kinship.

We see the summer terrace of the restaurant, which is located in the very center of Paris. It seems that this is a kind of quiet corner in some distant village. The picture creates an incredibly warm and simple mood. This is facilitated by the usual basket, in which there are balls of wool of different colors, as well as needlework. Girls appear before us in completely simple and maximally natural poses. The younger one looks directly at the artist, so we can meet her eyes. The eldest feels awkward.

Renoir was able to masterfully convey the special connection between the heroines. The colors have something in common. This can be said about their hats, a special blush and other equally significant details. The faces in this work are incredibly expressive. Renoir painted them with special skill.

The red headdress of one of the heroines and other similar accents in quite significant details can create an incredibly dynamic and especially energetic plot.

The background in the picture is deliberately blurry. It is he who gives the whole canvas a special dynamism and incredible lightness.

We can fully feel the charm of this warm summer's day, as well as see how beautiful and special it is dressed. Renoir was able to convey with special skill an instant impression of the scene that he managed to see. The artist's work has become truly half transparent, as well as wonderful in its special lightness. We feel that an incredibly warm and vibrant light comes out right from the inside of this magnificent work.

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