Description of the painting by Konstantin Yuon “Spring sunny day”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Yuon “Spring sunny day”

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This picture is simply replete with a large number of images of people on it. The main number of people are ordinary children, who amuse themselves by letting paper ships run through puddles of meltwater and scampering around the district with funny cries.

In some places, as we see, the snow has not yet melted, therefore, children have the opportunity to ride a sled, although it is hardly possible to play snowballs, as soon as you pick it up, it melts right before your eyes. As for the author of the picture, Konstantin Yuon, after analyzing several of his paintings, it becomes clear that the master was very fond of depicting snow, and used various colors for this to more deeply express shades, highlights or transitions from light to shadow and vice versa.

As for the tops of the trees, they can already see the buds, which, just a few days later, are ready to hatch, but so far the branches are completely bare. On the trees, you can see birds that appear to have recently returned from warm places.

The master was not afraid to choose complex compositions, which we can observe in this composition, where various scenes with people are depicted against the backdrop of the landscape. In the foreground are two smartly dressed girls standing on the porch of a red-brown wooden house. By their appearance, it can be assumed that these are two girlfriends, one of whom talks about her experiences, while the second, in turn, tries to comfort her friend morally.

Not far from them is another woman who listens to their intimate conversation with interest. Thus, the artist portrays before us a provincial situation, ordinary everyday life. The artist is very colorful and truthful, it turns out, to convey the whole originality and simplicity of everyday routine, from a completely different perspective.

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