Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov "Landscape with a River and a Fisherman"

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov

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"Landscape with a River and a Fisherman" was written by the famous Russian landscape painter A. Savrasov in 1859. This picture is a significant stage in his work and self-development. The eyes of the viewer appear on the banks of the Moscow River. Savrasov paints a landscape from nature, being in Moscow suburbs, near the village of Arkhangelsk.

The canvas depicts a quiet summer morning. The coolness of the morning, the freshness is still opposed by the impending heat. The foreground of the picture is in a deep dark shadow, the sun is still rising. Further, in the first sunshine, the shore and its yellow sand are visible. On the left is written the steeply rising bank of the river, it is densely covered with various trees. The bend of the river is depicted - wide, calm and clean. It seems that the current stopped, as if not yet awakened.

Trees growing on the shore are visible in the reflection of the mirror surface of the water. In the background of the picture appears the opposite bank of the Moscow River. The shore is hilly. Further farther you can see the forest. The sky is transparent blue, with thick clouds frozen in it. The picture seems to be permeated with light, it has a lot of air and it is almost palpable. Savrasov himself said that it is important to register air in the landscape. And if it’s not magnificent, do not prescribe the landscape and trees, without air you will get a bad landscape.

In the foreground, a fisherman with a catch and gear lonely wanders. It seems insignificantly small in comparison with the endless nature and river. The picture demonstrates the importance of nature, its predominance over the human world. The fisherman walks calmly and slowly, he does not disturb the peace of nature, the river and the trees reflected in it. The picture is a calm early morning.

The color shades used by the artist in this painting are mostly light and delicate (not counting the shadow). The contrast of colors, although present, is harmonious. The artist himself was a sensitive and lyrical person, which he successfully transferred to the canvas.

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