Description of the painting by Vladimir Gavrilov "Autumn"

Description of the painting by Vladimir Gavrilov

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Vladimir Gavrilov, who enthusiastically worked in any painting genre, writes the landscape "Autumn" in 1971. In the painting, the artist depicted the time of golden autumn, field and forest. The viewer enjoys a beautiful landscape.

Autumn has already come into its own, many trees are in red-yellow decoration of crowns, and some are almost bare. The landscape is bright, but a little sad, yet the autumn season is the time of the withering of nature and life. Gavrilov is trying to make his autumn not sad. He is happy for the fall, the whole picture is permeated with heat and the sun. The main colors of the picture: gold, green and blue are the colors of life and happiness.

The riot of colors on the canvas amazes the viewer. Greenish bright grass gives way to a wide yellow field. In the background of the picture is depicted a dense tall forest. The trees in the forest are already dressed in scarlet, which gives them special beauty and autumn charm. The artist paid special attention to the sky. It is depicted as transparent blue, tall, with clusters of scattering clouds.

The landscape, written by Gavrilov, is familiar and dear to Russian people. The calmness of an autumn day, the shining sun, still warming the fields, grove and forest - all this is painfully familiar to every viewer. This explains the popularity of this work of art. In the field, near the forest, a group of small birches grows. This picturesque tree has lost almost all its leaves and now absorbs the last warmth of the Indian summer. Although the sun itself is not shown in the picture, its rays are clearly visible, falling on a yellow field and thin birches.

Vladimir Gavrilov was the first Soviet impressionist artist to write many paintings in this genre, to which his Autumn also belongs. His magnificent works are exhibited in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. “Autumn” is distinguished by subtlety, grace of brush strokes and lines, calm mood.

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