Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov “In the park”

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov “In the park”

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The landscape depicting the park is written in pencil. Different shades of gray make each piece play. All trees are clearly drawn, almost every leaf is shown. Despite the gray colors, the picture leaves a feeling of a living, breathing coolness and freshness of the park with trees in it.

In the foreground are several massive tree trunks with delicate, beautiful crowns. The trees are different, but the gray color unites them, forcing them to become native and united in this holistic landscape.

The first line of the picture depicts an alley along which the stands stand. Tree trunks cast shadows on the alley, which the artist was especially successful in showing. Small branches, small stones, graininess and heterogeneity of the soil - the author managed to show all this without even using color.

The background seems to be covered with haze, light fog, in which, gradually moving away, the silhouettes of trees are lost. Anyone who looks at this landscape will surely want to wander along such an alley, enjoy the sunrise or sunset, breathe in the fresh, cleaned and fragrant air from foliage.

The harmony of nature and man is reflected in the depicted park. After all, a park is a place created by man. However, the park’s landscape is entirely due to nature. In the harmonious fusion of both terms, an extraordinary place is born in which you want to relax, relax and connect with nature.

Skillful, competent lines and strokes make it possible to judge the author as a talented artist. And the landscape depicted in it betrays a sensitive and vulnerable person who loves nature and knows how to express it by writing pictures. The whole impression of the picture is peace, tranquility, awe of the beauties of nature, a sense of harmony and naturalness.

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