Description of the painting by Marc Chagall "Evening at the Window"

Description of the painting by Marc Chagall

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All paintings by Marc Chagall are symbolic. He immerses the viewer in a surreal world with features of the ordinary world of things. All his canvases report that time is short in life, and wasting it stupid, you need to enjoy feelings and positive emotions. Chagall's canvases are colorful, full of secret signs.

“Evening at the Window” is a picture of a pair of lovers. They are standing by the window in a dark room against the background of an open window. The window and the street visible from it occupy the foreground, pushing the lovers to the right. The city street and the bright blue sky are far visible through the open window. A month is visible in the sky, and a blue rooster walks in front of it. The heavenly rooster symbolizes the imminent arrival of the morning, the inevitable separation of lovers. Chagall does not just use the image of a rooster in the picture. In many cultures, the rooster is a symbol of morning and awakening.

Chagall's lovers are placed precisely at the window for a reason. A window is a constant attribute of romantic dates. It is a secret pass to the beloved, the last side separating them. Chagall also uses a window to create his favorite technique "picture in picture." Outside the window, the viewer enjoys a view of the artist’s hometown of Vitebsk. True, this view is not real, but rather fantastic and mystical. This is a Shagalovsky view of the city and the world as a whole.

Chagall does not try to convey the details as accurately as possible, his task is to immerse the viewer in a waking dream. He emphasizes only the closeness of loved ones. The man gently hugs the girl. Her eyes are full of sadness, sadness and love, she knows that the separation is coming. But while night is outside the window, young people are estranged from the outside world and only the window reminds them of the real course of time. Now they only think about each other.

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