Description of the painting by Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin "Prayer before dinner"

Description of the painting by Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin

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Oil painting on canvas on the subject of genre scenes from life. Like many other works of the artist in this genre, the picture turned out to be very kind and tender. A deep and clear look at the family life of ordinary people, families. In the foreground is a dining table, at which two girls and their mother gathered for dinner. The girls' hands are folded into a prayer figure, and they humbly and obediently listen to their mother, who teaches them the pronunciation of prayers before eating.

The mother, arranging the dishes for dinner, does not forget to repeat the words of prayer to her daughters. A very touching and tender scene that makes you imbued with the spirit of love for loved ones, for God. The painting also depicts toys that the girls obviously played quite recently before sitting at the table. This is a drum and a pipe. The artist through this fragment conveyed the real obedience and humility of the children in front of their mother, their meek and kind disposition. Despite the fun and games, they show seriousness and honor to the will of the mother.

The landscape surrounding the main persons speaks of the average wealth of the family. They can’t be called poor, because the dresses of the girls are pretty enough, neat and magnificent. But it is also difficult to attribute it to the rich, since the background shows a rather meager and modest atmosphere in the house.

The picture does not replete with the brightness of colors and the vibrancy of the palette. However, this is precisely what gives it a special charm and refinement. The white colors prevailing in children's clothing emphasize their innocence and early age. Brown, gray, dark yellow tones of the clothes of the mother and the environment confirm the realism and vitality of the picture.

In general, the picture is very holistic, revealing the plot in full. Looking at her, she embraces a feeling of tenderness, warmth and comfort.

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