Description of the painting by Peter Paul Rubens "The Caledonian Wild Boar Hunt"

Description of the painting by Peter Paul Rubens

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Or else this picture is called "The Caledonian Boar". This plot from Greek mythology inspired Rubens to write 4 paintings of a similar scene of a wild boar hunting, from different angles and at different moments of the hunt.

The Calydonian boar, a huge, ferocious and terrible beast, was the son of a Crammian pig. The name is associated with the town of Crommion, where the pig went on a rampage, destroying crops and killing ordinary people. The tormented inhabitants came to the aid of Theseus, who in a fierce battle defeated her. But her son grew up, no less ferocious and bloodthirsty. He was sent by the insulted goddess Artemis in response to the fact that the king of Capidon, the governor, Oney, having made a sacrifice to all the gods, refused to offer her a sacrifice ...

King Oney and his beautiful wife Altea had a son, Meleager, a brave and strong young man. When the young man found out about all the horrors that a terrible beast was doing, he set about trying to defeat the Calydonian boar at all costs.

Knowing the full degree of risk in this battle, Meleager convened the bravest and most skilled wars from all over Greece. Also, the royal daughter suddenly joined him, a girl of amazing beauty named Atlanta, a brave hunter who lived in the wild forests.

For ten days the hunters hunted down the terrible boar. Finally, they all heard the noise and crackling, this boar with a growl and snoring was pushing through the thick of the forest, breaking trees and bushes around itself. And when the monster appeared before their eyes, they realized that this would be not just a hunt, but a real battle.

The movement of the masses, the pathos of gestures, fabrics fluttering in the wind, trees - everything is filled with life, expression. The picture shows the very climax when Theseus thrusts a spear into the chest of a beast, driven, captured by dogs and exhausted by wounds. Exhausted by hunting people, horses standing on their hind legs, with eyes crawling out of their sockets and foam flowing out of their mouths, the general tension seemed to freeze on the master’s canvas.

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