Description of the painting by Mikhail Nesterov "For the love potion"

Description of the painting by Mikhail Nesterov

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Mikhail Vasilievich Nesterov referred to himself as Wanderers, but the personal grief that happened to him at the very dawn of his life led him to Art Nouveau - a style that involves painting with elements of fairy-tale images. The artist began to paint the canvas when he was a student, he was then no more than 26 years old, two years earlier in 1886 his beautiful wife, whom Nesterov loved immeasurably, died, and therefore a certain pensive sadness shows through his female portraits.

The painting depicts a quiet forest glade surrounded by centuries-old trees. In the clearing stands a wooden rickety-headed house, out of the wide open door of which a gray-haired, hunched old man in a pointed hat, which in Russian fairy tales was usually depicted exclusively on the head of a sorcerer, peeps out. A lonely and very sad peasant girl sits on a log near a hut drowning in greenery and flowers.

Her handkerchief was knocked down and untied, her hands were lowered to her knees, her whole image betrayed deep emotional feelings. Despite the fact that she came on business, the girl does not look at the owner of the house, looking away, because she understands that even without her story, the old man knows everything about her and sadness that eats her heart. In addition, the girl is scared, she came to ask for something to be silent about, she came to the old man for a love potion in order to regain the love of her lover.

The artist does not show whether the sorcerer fulfilled her request, but it is reliably known that a lot of time and effort was devoted to writing this picture. In her first version, the girl did not come at all to the sorcerer, but to the German doctor, but the same scene did not cause the creator due admiration and he came up with the already known appearance of the canvas. For a long time, the painting was kept in private collections, after which it was donated to the Radishchevsky Museum.

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