Description of the painting Arkady Alexandrovich Plastov "Youth"

Description of the painting Arkady Alexandrovich Plastov

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Arkady Plastov is a well-known Russian landscape painter of the middle of the last century. His paintings are vibrant and vibrant, saturated with light and green. The paints used by the artist shimmer and play on the canvas, giving the picture warmth and a kind of melancholy inspired by the landscape.

“Youth” is a song of life itself, which the artist managed to convey in colors in a way that no one else could. The canvas literally screams to its viewers their love for life, nature, existence itself. This manifests itself, first of all, in a flowering and greening summer meadow, in grasses fluctuating under the gusts of a light warm wind, and in a young man who decided to lie down to rest after a long working morning.

The young man lies half-naked, without a shirt, leaving his young body to the rays of the hot midday sun, from which he reluctantly hides his hand. This situation of the young man speaks of his carelessness, which, unfortunately, is peculiar exclusively to youth. As it should, having rested, he will once again get down to business, but now he wants only one thing - to soak up the warm sun and maybe take a nap. His young strength, at the time of which he had barely entered, is emphasized by the eared cornfields, which are filled with bread and life-giving grace.

The guy’s dream is guarded by a faithful dog, sticking out his tongue, he watches intently the lying man, ready at the very first sign to jump up and continue on his way. The dog does not dare to show his impatience, although, apparently, she really does not want to sit in one place, she is also young, like her owner, because she is full of energy, which can be seen from the pointed slightly bent ears, and curious sparkling eyes.

The time around stood still and stopped in order to give both nature and one of its greatest creations the pleasure of the moment of youth that could be repeated only by the artist’s brush.

Picture by Claude Monet Impression Sunrise

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