Description of the painting by Mikaloyus Čiurlionis “The Tale of Kings”

Description of the painting by Mikaloyus Čiurlionis “The Tale of Kings”

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To combine painting and music seems like an incredible task, but not for the Lithuanian composer, musician and artist Mikalojs Čiurlionis, who managed to make the painting literally sound and the colors correspond to the rhythm of the music. This extraordinary genius of art, is the author of many musical compositions and artwork. The young musician and composer Čiurlionis was unusually attracted to painting, and he did not rest against his desire, but rather worked hard on himself as an artist.

Given the abilities of the Lithuanian artist-composer, it is not surprising that he wrote a series of paintings that transported the viewer to the world of a fairy tale. The Tale of Kings was also written in 1909. Ciurlionis acts as an innovative artist, for whom there is no niche in art, he is the first of his kind, he understands the world much deeper and tries to convey images from his world. In the picture “The Tale of Kings”, it provides two kings who cannot take their eyes off the fairy-tale world in the palms of one of them.

Poet S.N. Borodin remarkably described the picture in his poems, he calls this small world ideal, which must be especially cherished, at the end of his poems makes it clear that such a kind, bright appearance in the palms of the king is love.

Indeed, it can be so beautiful and innocent, and at the same time as majestic and powerful as love, it is not subject to even the greatest kings, it can only be found and protected.

This understanding of love is very curious, since it does not have a material form, but the artist uses a fairy tale to portray love and shows that this great human feeling has something magical, unique in itself, something that cannot be explained, but can only be felt.

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