Description of the painting by Peter Bruegel "The Misanthrope"

Description of the painting by Peter Bruegel

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The most famous Dutch painter and graphic artist of the 16th century preferred to write more genre scenes created from the attitude and mood of the people during the period of the bourgeois revolution.
From writing satirical drawings, he moved on to more serious and restrained semantic paintings with a holistic plot.
The artist displays the powerful vitality, inexhaustible vitality and dignity of the people on many of his canvases. A huge imprint, with a combination of tragedy and grief, on his work was postponed by Spanish terror in the Dutch villages.
Bruegel always reflected on human sin and stupidity, as well as the mortality of human life.
In the painting "Misanthrope" the artist depicted an evil dwarf living on his life, who steals a wallet from a walking gloomy old man. The picture is filled with dark irony and sarcasm, however, what exactly Bruegel wanted to express is still not clear. But on the other hand, one can regard the picture as an indication of the author of the hypocritical virtue of an old man who throws an unfortunate purse without doing good, and thus points to the vices of the dwarf, although he himself does not notice his flaws.
Of course, the main role in this plot is played by the hypocritical old monk, dressed in a black robe, slowly walking along his "life path". You can also see his red wallet, which is completely full of money. This wallet is trying to steal a ragged man, surrounded by a symbolic ball, symbolizing the world.
In the distance you can see the figure of the Good Shepherd, who brought a flock of sheep for a walk. With this scene, the artist shows the viewer the meaning of good and evil in people's lives, compares what is happening in the background and foreground.

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