Description of Claude Monet's painting “Beach in Purville”

Description of Claude Monet's painting “Beach in Purville”

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“Beach in Purville” is a picture of one of the most talented French artists - Claude Monet, painted in 1882. She is part of a series of paintings that were painted during the period when the artist lived in the small resort town of Purville, located in northern France.

The artist was very fond of depicting the water element, which once again confirms this picture. The exciting sea in the picture “Beach in Purville” is filled with blue, blue, gray, greenish and white colors. It throws small, foamy waves onto the white sandy shore and rocks.

But the sea in this painting of Monet is not boundless and limitless, as the marinists like to portray, on the contrary, the French artist surrounded him from different sides with white shores. Even if we peer into the distance, everywhere we will see towering white cliffs.

The color scheme of the sea is very soft, it smoothly turns into a blue sky with white, airy clouds. The beach is completely empty, there is not a single person on it - only the endless sea, rocks and the expanse of heaven.

When viewing a picture, the viewer has mixed feelings: on the one hand, the picture evokes good, positive emotions and romantic experiences and charges with inspiration - this is facilitated by the light colors of the canvas. And on the other hand, because of its emptiness, there is a slight feeling of excitement and anxiety.

It is possible that the author wanted to show the approaching change of weather - from favorable and clear to cloudy. As if rain and storm would begin soon, the foamy waves would no longer be so small and harmless.

Since 1906, the canvas “Beach in Purville” was acquired by the Polish National Museum. But in 2000 she was stolen. Fortunately, 10 years after the theft, the canvas was found and returned to the museum in Poznan, where it is now. This is the only original painting by Claude Monet, which is stored in Poland.

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