Description of the painting Mstislav Dobuzhinsky "Doll"

Description of the painting Mstislav Dobuzhinsky

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Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, one of those artists, is one of the people who knew that they were created for art. Despite all the failures, he continued to work on himself and improved.

The artist often experienced creative torment, but continued to create everything smoothly. The painting "Doll" in 1905, was written by the author when he created a series of works about Petersburg, he compared the old city with the new one, tried to describe what kind of spirit reigned in the life of the city. The author often tried to capture and reflect the spirit of the era.

The painting “Doll” has a deep meaning in itself, an old doll on the windowsill of a long-abandoned wooden house, symbolizes memories of the past, of childhood, of significant events in human life.

In the works of Dobuzhinsky at the beginning of the twentieth century, some nostalgia can be traced, and even depression, the artist sincerely misses the old city. The view from the window resembles an old, good rural courtyard, where there is not a large barn.

Although the author painted an old house, which is located in St. Petersburg, it looks like a rustic cozy house, which used to be in the city a lot. The artist shows how time has changed, and the old shabby doll resembles a carefree old city, where happiness, goodwill, innocence could be found on every corner, now all this is gone, only bright memories remain.

The picture makes us rethink human values, as well as think whether the changes are good, whether the person likes everything new. Everyone for himself must find the answers to these questions, the canvas only leads to them.

At the sight of the work, the viewer may experience different emotions, as the picture helps to remember and think about the past, and already each person has different feelings about this relief, nostalgia, hatred, moral satisfaction.

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