Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Moonlit Night. Village"

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Moonlit Night. Village

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The painting was painted in 1897.

Before the viewer appears a series of huts that fell asleep before morning. On the left side we see majestic trees that cast fancy shadows onto the road. The night is filled with special secrets and some kind of unaccountable anxiety. Everything is so quiet, even the tops of the trees do not sway in the wind. The moon looks up at the village from above. We still do not see her. But her light already floods the sky and the windows of the hut. He is so affectionate and invoked. Everything froze in agonizing expectation.

The audience has a sad mood. But it is bright and almost elusive.

In one hut the light is on. Maybe they play cards there or someone just has no time for sleep on this night filled with special charm.

Levitan was able not only to capture the picture he saw, but also to convey his attitude to it and a special look at completely ordinary things.

The painter skillfully uses the palette. It is simply amazing how many shades of brown he used in his creation. At a certain monochrome, the picture is incredibly saturated with shades. The moon, or rather the light from it, and the white walls of the huts become some kind of bright spots that somewhat enliven the landscape.

At first glance, the gloomy picture of the night becomes truly enchanting, filled with the expectation of something unusual and necessarily fabulous. Everything was so quiet around, as if everything had stopped in anticipation of the grandiose events that could soon happen. Every detail matters.

Levitan has everything important. It seems that a little more and the wind will rise or night cicadas will clutter. In the meantime, mysterious silence reigns around.

Levitan was able to see something special in the paintings that were familiar to his contemporaries and convey his attitude and mood to the paintings. Only a true master can not only portray what he sees, but also create a special mood in the audience.

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