Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Autumn. River"

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Autumn. River

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Levitan is one of the main artists of the Russian landscape. He subtly felt nature and was able to masterfully convey its various states in his paintings, thereby creating a “mood landscape”.

Autumn was always a favorite time of the Russian painter; at this time he painted an unimaginable number of paintings: not counting sketches, there are about 100 of them. One of the famous autumn paintings that Levitan completed in 1899 is Autumn. River".

In this picture, the artist depicts autumn in her copper-gold robe, the pre-winter sun barely noticeably heats the earth. In the yellowing, withering grass, the sadness of farewell days is already felt. The birches on the right are dressed in yellow, already half-fallen leaves. The trees on the right still show off in a luxurious, reddish robe and in lush yellow decoration. Through them, you can still see green trees, which until the last resist cold winter and wilting. Behind the meadow, a cold blue river stretches, on its opposite bank you can see a snow-white church with dark domes and a small settlement.

The canvas is made in bright colors, causing the viewer pleasant emotions. The still surface of the river reflects the blue sky with white fluffy clouds. Looking at the horizon, you can see distant buildings, forests and fields.

Landscape Levitan “Autumn. River ”depicts the most poetic of all seasons. Looking at the picture, we recall the verses of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, who, like Levitan, extolled autumn.

Looking at the picture, it is clear that the artist loved autumn for the festival of colors, he does not portray it as a sad, dull time. Therefore, looking at the picture “Autumn. River ”, sad thoughts do not occur to the viewer, on the contrary, he is imbued with love for nature and native expanses, feels pleasure, admiring the charm of a beautiful time.

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