Description of the painting Pablo Picasso “Woman's Head”

Description of the painting Pablo Picasso “Woman's Head”

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Pablo Picasso is a creative person, he especially loved to paint women. In his life there were several important persons who played the role of muses. They remained in history, and their beauty was remembered by multiple canvases. The portrait “Woman's Head” is present in every creative period of the artist. This head belongs to Fernande Olivier.

She broke into the life of the creator in a very difficult period.

In 1904, Pablo experienced the death of a close friend. To get rid of the point and painful loneliness, he goes to Paris. There, the artist meets a dark-skinned maid, who inspires, and becomes his lover.

Fernard poses and gives his unique beauty without a trace. This portrait is made using cubism technique. Of course, not everyone will be able to discern thin feminine lines in these sharp edges. But Picasso could think very abstractly. Standard forms and familiar smooth lines were not enough for him. Nature is just a muse - the author takes a brush and starts to improvise.

At the beginning of their novel, a woman was drawn pretty and feminine. But Fernard insisted on a more serious relationship, she wanted a family. Then this strange ugly portrait was born. He wanted to show that the girl annoyed her.

In the face, the artist saw only ugly lines, and skillfully transferred her flaws to the canvas. Cubism attracts the author with its non-standard forms, he is confused. Obviously, something needs to be changed, his soul is angular and requires a change of scenery. The portrait clearly conveys a dislike for this person.

The woman is ugly, among the corners and shadows it is difficult to see the real look of the model. Undoubtedly, this was what the artist sought, he painted feelings and emotions. The geometric shapes are randomly drawn, but, nevertheless, we see the eyes and narrow lips.

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