Description of the painting by Vasily Perov "Botanist"

Description of the painting by Vasily Perov

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Perov - glorified himself with his portrait skill, expresses his essence in ideological realism. He was the inspiration to carry this style to the masses through the canvases.

For a long time Perov uses social themes, sharp enough even for a painter. And now, the period has come when he again returns to nature, incredibly sensitively and tenderly referring to reality surrounding the author.

"Nerd" refers to a hunting series of paintings, more precisely, to its logical continuation. In the center of the plot is a young scientist whose box of herbs behind his shoulders determines his biological orientation.

A long walk is not a burden to the nerd, with him everywhere his faithful four-legged friend, who seems to have seen the artist and wary. But still, nature dominates the plot. It would seem that an ordinary field was written, but if you look closely, each flower, each blade of grass is registered. Everything is decorated with such genuine love that one cannot help falling in love with this creation.

The picture was made using a wide color palette, but there are almost no contrasts, except for the contrast of moods: a joyful summer, a thoughtful, focused nerd, a carefree dog. But all this is harmoniously crafted by smooth artistic transitions framed by living sunlight. They freeze the viewer's gaze.

A decade before the creation of "Botany", Perov was awarded a gold medal for the painting "First Rank". This picture was noted by many famous critics of the time. A counterweight to the universal recognition in painting was the failed personal life of the artist.

Perov died quite early, at the age of forty-eight, from incurable tuberculosis at that time, but even after his death he did not go into oblivion; true connoisseurs of art still admire his paintings.

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