Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich “Four Squares”

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich “Four Squares”

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The artist painted this canvas in 1915, and since then there has always been a debate about what exactly the artist wanted to say with this square. There are many reflections, many versions. But no one can accurately determine the version. It seems that the artist himself has forgotten why he created his “Black Square”. But this is not the worst. He also managed to portray both “White Square” and “Red Square” ....

In general, a square is part of a small triptych which also included a black cross and circle. But for some reason everyone remembered the square. What did notable people - philosophers, scientists, artists - see in him? What did you want to find in it or understand? Someone saw in it a future dark future, someone understood that it was our dark present, and historians almost unanimously said at one time that it was a symbol of the dark past. But let everyone remain in their opinion because no one has understood the artist’s intention. The “black square" is an endless time in which everything is mixed and mixed up. This is the space in which life is hidden or it was born in this darkness. Who knows, maybe all this is true.

Malevich repeated his work several times and all four squares never left Russia. All are stored in different museums in two capitals - Moscow and St. Petersburg. And invariably, visitors to this canvas stop and peer, trying to understand this Malevich’s secret. But it seems that this has not been given to anyone, and if it is given, then this person probably will not reveal the secret. It’s just that then it makes no sense to consider at the exhibition or in the museum the most strange picture of Malevich and not only him, but the whole world.

By the way, many began to imitate him. Many artists try to draw both a square and a polyhedron, triangles and pyramids in order to show their super genius ... and all this is invariably black. So the case of Malevich is flourishing, and today it doesn’t matter what information the canvas carries. The main thing is that it seems painfully.

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