Description of the painting “Isaac” by Isaac Levitan

Description of the painting “Isaac” by Isaac Levitan

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This picture among the paintings of Isaac Levitan is not the most famous. However, even in her this true singer of Russian nature showed the beauty of a summer day. The trees in the picture are intertwined with crowns, and the lacy shadow of their foliage falls on the yellow dirt track. The same yellowness is visible on the trunks, only in the distance, at the end of this tunnel created by nature, the blue sky is clearly visible.

From one edge of the track, it seems that the trunks are standing right next to each other. Apparently noticing such an effect, the artist hastened to transfer it to the canvas. If you look closely, it becomes clear that the trees simply grow in several rows.

This is probably a park once planted by people. While the trees were thin, it did not seem that they were planted very densely, but over the years the trunks gained their strength, and now they stand like a system of Roman legionnaires.

The alley goes into the distance, and from the very beginning you will not even see that there is at least one person in the picture. However, there is someone in the background. You can see the figure of a man who goes as if to the viewer. But it is rather difficult to examine it in detail.

A man does not walk along the road itself, he walks along the grass under the trees. Either he is hiding from the heat in the shade, or walking on the grass itself gives him more pleasure. Or maybe he just stopped to rest and does not want to interfere with the movement of others. But going towards is not visible. Yes, and his figure merges with the trunks.

This makes the picture mysterious, and when you are distracted by a person, you forget the thin acacia, which is knocked out of the general plan of centuries-old trees with its darker foliage. There were a lot of such parks before; they are in Moscow and the Moscow Region even now. But not everyone is able to see the beauty of the most ordinary alley, lit by the sun. Only a great artist knows how to convey this beauty so that they pay attention to it.

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