Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin “Paris Cafe”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin “Paris Cafe”

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Before us are several sketches of the artist, performed in the 1890s under the impression of a trip to France. In these paintings, the principles of one of the brightest modernist movements - impressionism, which flourished in the last third of the century before last, were fully embodied.

Note that Korovin depicts a cafe in the morning. There are still few visitors, and the rays of the sun did not have time to lose their silver tint, in which they risk drowning all objects, the entire surrounding world. Tables, street, people - all this loses its contours, slightly blurred.

Even the color of the red umbrella, imprinted in the hands of one of the women, softens, becomes dull. It seems that the artist, as it were, transferred to the canvas the urban scene, caught from an endless stream of life. Looking at the picture, one can recall the poems of some urban poet who expresses the vibrant life of the city in words.

It is hardly worth saying that Korovin was guided by the experience of the French impressionists. At the same time, he certainly cannot be blamed for blindly following Monet or Pissarro. On the contrary, the artist strove to experiment. So, Korovin risked using earth colors in order to achieve the necessary gray shade. The artist actively uses black color, which, however, does not stand out from the general background, does not create heaviness.

On the contrary, the canvas, made during the period of the artist’s fascination with silver color, only gives the audience a feeling of lightness, freedom. In addition, masterfully depicted streets, fresh greenery make the canvases very bright, unforgettable, even elegant, if I may say so.

So the etude “Parisian Cafes” are worthy examples of the work of Konstantin Korovin, certainly delighting fans of his talent. Unfortunately, not all contemporary critics of the artist recognized this fact.

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