Description of the painting by Eduard Manet “Jeanne” (Spring)

Description of the painting by Eduard Manet “Jeanne” (Spring)

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Even somehow you get lost at the sight of such a female image. You do not know exactly how to determine her condition. On the one hand, it seems that this is an arrogant coquette who knows how to behave in society. On the other hand, this is a girl who apparently recently lost someone close to her. And therefore, it seems that her eyes are tear-stained, and therefore a black cap covers her handsome cap. But then why is spring the second name? It’s strange.

But the girl, in whatever condition she was and whatever she was, is beautiful. And yet about Spring ... Perhaps the master hinted that spring is sometimes rainy and even grumpy, but at the same time the miracle is beautiful and young. But there is a third understanding of the girl’s state - love and the presence of black - the loss of a loved one or a temporary separation. Then the ladies possessed a kind of technique or the ability to hint at the state of mind with gestures or costume items. And experienced citizens understood what the girl was hinting at.

In the picture, the girl clearly did not want to communicate with anyone, at least for the moment. Maybe that's why she in this form still seems impregnable. Even so, the girl should have a good rest from the bustle of the people. This solution obviously does not work. And it only raises the level of tears in her eyes. And yet the mystery here does not smell. She's just charmingly simple.

Mane, as always, is devoted to himself, that is, to his taste. He again designed everything in a floral scheme. And plants are present not only against the background of the canvas. By the way, they are very thick. Vegetable drawing and on a girl's dress.

Only two things remain monotonous: gloves and an umbrella - a pure beige color. And at the same time, the canvas cannot be called bright, it is precisely damped by the background - it is still a rather faded green color of the plants.

Everything in this canvas is made impeccably and faithfully.

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