Description of Ivan Aivazovsky’s painting “The Stormy Sea”

Description of Ivan Aivazovsky’s painting “The Stormy Sea”

The painting “One of the best marine painters of all time - Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky“ The Stormy Sea ”was painted in 1844. Despite the fact that all his canvases always amaze and amaze with their naturalness and realism, the artist did not draw the sea from nature, but in his workshop. He believed that the movement of any element: water, lightning and wind - it is impossible to capture immediately with a brush, so a real artist should remember them and always keep them in his memory.

The painting “The Stormy Sea” was also painted in a workshop based on the photographic memory of a Russian artist, who remembered the rumble of waves on a rainy day, and also with the help of a well-developed imagination of Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky.

On this canvas, the Russian marine painter depicted a ship, all warped, which can not resist the sea element. On the right in the picture are sailors, they are preparing a boat and want to help people on the ship escape from the abyss that suddenly overtakes them.

This is already a familiar plot for Aivazovsky, quite often he depicts in his paintings the desperate struggle of man and the elements. All the motives of his paintings are mostly realistic, so on some canvases the ships die, lost in the vast sea.

The color palette of Aivazovsky’s painting “The Stormy Sea” is very cold, and consists of: white, gray, black and pale blue. The sky is completely covered with thunderclouds, there is not a single white cloud on it. Aivazovsky deeply grasped the art of depicting not only the marine, but also the air environment, the movement of clouds.

The sea is raging with all its strength and power, the waves are continuously beating against each other, and it seems that a clear warm day will never come. Looking at the picture, there is a feeling of anxiety and fear, the powerlessness of small people in front of a huge, ruthless sea element.

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