Description of the painting by Peter Rubens “The abduction of the daughters of Leucippus”

Description of the painting by Peter Rubens “The abduction of the daughters of Leucippus”

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The plot of the painting "The Abduction of the Leucippus' Daughters" was taken by the great Flemish painter from the myth of the brothers Dioscuri, who had stolen two daughters from their father, King Leucippus. According to the myth, the abductors are beautiful cousins ​​who want to marry their beautiful sisters.

The picture, created by the master of complex, multi-figure scenes, is full of movement, rhythm and rapid impulse. The movement begins with the horse tamer - Castor, and in a circle moves smoothly to the second girl who is trying to push the foot of the soldier Polidevka (in the Latin version of Pollux). And then, the movement returns to the starting point.

It is still not known for certain why Rubens portrayed the beautiful girls Gilairu and Phoebe naked, who are in the field under the midday heat. Phoebe is the priestess of Athena, and Gilair is the goddess of Artemis. During the abduction, the gazes of the girls are fixed in the sky, either praying to the Gods for salvation, or thanks to them for the sent suitors.

Phoebe and Gilair look feminine, weak and defenseless in comparison with the full of masculinity and strength Castor and Polydeus. The skin color of red-haired girls is gentle and light, it causes a strong contrast with the strong and dark bodies of men.

All these contradictions merge into a single harmony, depicting the bodily and personal beauty of male and female characters. The heroes are as tense as possible, they slowed down, freezing in the Rubens painting at the very climax.

On the neck of the horses hang small cupids, which symbolize the love plan of the arrived captors. Creating a decorative composition, the great Flemish painter in this picture was able to brilliantly interweave lines and shapes. Looking at the canvas, a complex game of colors and lines takes you away from real life and transfers to an ancient antique plot full of aesthetic sound, whose characters are full of sensuality, drama and thirst for life.

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