Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “The first green. May"

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “The first green. May

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The painting was painted between 1883 and 1888 in oil on canvas.

Levitan landscapes are deep, full of color paintings. Only he is characterized by the ability to combine contrasts of dark and light shades.

Canvas "The first green. May ”demonstrates this to us. The artist uses only a few basic colors, but the riot of colors can not fail to amaze. I want to peer endlessly at the landscape. It calms and gives spiritual contemplation. It makes you stop and think, pay attention to such beautiful and simple things that surround us. This is nature in all its manifestations.

The picture shows trees that have blossomed their leaves into lush crowns, among them the roof of an old wooden house in the background is almost invisible. The artist’s ability to betray the movement of sun glares is amazing. The house seemed to have grown into the earth along with trees and was lost among this beauty.

The artist, using the play of light and shadow, gave the picture a vital energy and realism. The gray shade of the roof harmoniously combines with greenery. All Levitan paintings evoke unforgettable emotions in the soul. Looking at this landscape, as if you are facing this gate, on the path.

I would like to walk along it to enter the courtyard, to be there, enjoying and contemplating the beauty of those places. Sometimes you don’t even need to read the descriptions of the canvas, you just need to take a look and then you understand how the picture completely transfers consciousness to the era of that time. Everything becomes clear, and just think, think ...

Levitan had a special unity with nature. The artist left us a great legacy that makes us stop and think, feel all the power and beauty of Russian land.

The painting is in the State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow.

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