Description of the painting by Igor Grabar "Svetlana"

Description of the painting by Igor Grabar

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Igor Grabar was born in the family of a public figure, in the city. Due to an open conflict with the local authorities, the father of the future artist was forced to take his family to Russia.

The social position of his father allowed the boy to get a wonderful education: first, legal, and then art at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts.

Life in “certain circles” gave Grabar the opportunity to take part not only in Russia, but also in many foreign art exhibitions.

The October Revolution did not significantly change the work of the author. He painted many landscapes and other compositions, including "courtiers."

In addition, Grabar manages to engage in active art history and since 9012. officially appointed steward of the Tretyakov Gallery.

All this allows him not only to be familiar, but also to be friends with many political figures of the last century. So in his friends appears Trotsky's wife - Natalia Sedova.

When the repression began with the advent of Stalin, Grabar left all political posts and again began to draw a lot. It was at this time that the portrait of the young girl Svetlana appeared. Even now, this picture is covered with a halo of mystery, because it is not known exactly who is depicted on it.

The portrait was very popular with connoisseurs. There was a myth that in the picture Stalin's daughter, whose name was Svetlana. It is impossible to refute or confirm this version for certain, since no one has ever seen Svetlana, she has no photos.

The naturalness of the posture, the penetration of a young look, the calmness of a smile - all this was conveyed by the artist with the help of the gray tones of the background surrounding the girl.

Grabar himself was in love with this portrait. He worked with inspiration and wrote to Svetlana in one day. Grabar's tender attitude towards the girl can be traced in every stroke.

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