Description of the painting by Nikolai Pimonenko “Holy Divination”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Pimonenko “Holy Divination”

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Amazingly beautiful genre picture. Two beautiful peasant girls sat on a bench by the stove and began to guess by the candle at Christmas time. But what without it! Then at Christmas time it is almost the most important thing - to tell fortunes with the narrow-minded! After all, the girls really wanted to get married as soon as possible. And fortune-telling in different ways. Here is what is most true on the canvas.

Some water was poured into the cup, a candle was lit, and wax was poured into the water. He froze there in various forms, and then with the help of a candle they examine the shadow of this very waxy frozen blot.

We examined closely to unravel the profile of a loved one. That's just after looking at the artist and found his heroines. They carefully and cheerfully look at the shadow coming from the candle - they suddenly see what is familiar. But the most interesting is that such holy fortune-telling came true almost a year later.

As a rule, all Russian weddings were celebrated in the fall, almost immediately after the harvest.

The work became smaller and therefore it was possible to indulge in entertainment. And then weddings were celebrated on a grand scale. By the way, Christmas time was also celebrated on a grand scale, but, however, not so big.

In winter, you don’t particularly walk around, but they were like a continuation of the Nativity of Christ. That's why the beauties are dressed festively. As a rule, girls gathered in one of the huts, without guys and began to guess. But it was not long. Immediately after fortune-telling, chants began, but also not just like that - someone spun yarn, someone hemmed something or sorted out berries.

Of course, the samovar melted, and girlish tea drinking began. Treats were different - gingerbread, bread or lump sugar. But then the guys came, but nothing of the kind happened between them, they just sat and told all sorts of stories, tales and stories.

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